Day 6/21… No More Diets!

My first ever diet was at the age of 12. I was so unhappy being the heavy girl in class. The chunky girl. The thick girl. Ultimately the fat girl that I begged my mom to help me get skinny. Together we joined a weight loss program. I got my books and eating plan and over the summer I lost 15 or 20 pounds. It's interesting to me that I can still remember how it felt to go school clothes shopping that year. I remember my wardrobe from 7th grade better than any other in my life. I remember the outfit I wore on the first day of school and I can still see the looks on a other kids when they realized who I was.
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Day 5/21. New workout!

So I no longer use DVD’s to do my workouts because I have the beach body on demand app. With this I am able to stream my workout in my living room, in my back yard, in the basement, and literally anywhere I want! Yesterday I was going through the site, and as the 21 day fix workouts are my favorites, I noticed new workouts I hadn’t seen before, “Remix the Fix”, so I tried one today and Oh my is this amazing!!

Let me tell you that when I hit play on this I didn’t stop moving the whole time, I was dripping sweat, and out of breath! When I came back upstairs my Pillip asked if I was ok because I was still recovering! I wish I had snapped a post workout selfie but today it was more important that I spend quality time chatting with my guy!

So Happy Flex Friday from me and my girl.

I am showered. No more sweat but I think I am still recovering!!

So my thoughts are that today is a great day to try something new and push yourself a little harder. After all we are worth it and function better in life when we care for ourselves inside and out! Blessings for a great weekend!!

Day 2/21

Today was one of those days where I woke up just not wanting to workout! No good reason, but I just wasn’t feeling it and sadly I was just kinda blah all day. Every time I thought about pushing play on my workout video I found a reason not to so instead I finally got myself out and jogged! It felt so good!
I drove to post and found a trail! It was dusk, my favorite time to jog, and it soothed my soul and hopefully helped me reset for another great day tomorrow!!

In the end NO excuses and I am working for a healthier me!!

Day 1/21

I love this quote! It is the biggest truth I have always wanted to deny but can't!!

Today's workout tank is oh so tight and I would normally try to hide my tummy rolls. In the past I haven't been likely to show exactly how tight my shirt has gotten but the truth is we all live life and poop happens. I spent May, June, and half of July NOT working out and eating anything I wished!
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New day, lets write

It has been a long time since I have made a blog post.  I have wanted to write and share so much over the past several months but the “rules” of blogging, which I completely researched before starting mine, were hard for me to follow.  The one that I found most difficult was to be subject orientated and not to make my blog about too many topics.  So I thought I was focused on the health and nutrition side of my life and I would daily share my thoughts and experiences but then life happened.

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