Day 13/21

This week was a crazy emotional rollercoaster!

It began with news that my hubs would be going on yet another extended work trip to a place I would rather he not. I was so shocked and upset Monday that many tears were shed. Tuesday I was in shock and praying. Wednesday continue to pray and start to prepare. Thursday answered prayer and for now we get to keep him home with us.

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Day 12/21

I am glad to say that getting my workout in and making healthy food choices is getting easier everyday.

Sugar cravings down and my energy is up!

Today’s workout was a good one. The look on my face really says it all, I was beat, but it felt so good when I was done.

The sweat dripping off of me was insane! My Kyle asked to take a drink from my water bottle and as he asked he took one look at me and said “never mind mom, I think you really need all of that water”.

10 days left in the round, time for me to push even harder so I may see some real changes!