Meet Alina

My name is Alina and I am 38 years young.  The best titles I carry through life are daughter, wife, mom, sister, cousin, friend and nurse.  I love Jesus and depend on my faith daily for guidance and comfort when things are tough.

Life is never easy but it is always worth it.

Today I am a strong and healthy woman who has overcome many different struggles.  I have  learned that it is important to love and care for myself each and every day in order to be at my best for my family.

Life is a rollercoaster and you never know what to expect next.

I am a planner, I hate change, and I honestly like to control all the little details of life around me.  The funny thing about this is that I am an Army wife so I really control very little.  I cant control when I will see my husband or where we will live or for how long we will live there.  When I have tried to control these issues I have been less than successful and it has caused undue stress for myself and my family.  I am learning to take each day as it comes.  I believe in the power of prayer and I know that God has a better plan for me and my family than I could ever imagine.

I have a love/hate relationship with food and fitness.

I have seen food as the enemy and myself as a failure in fitness for the majority of my life.  My journey from fat to fit is long and twisted with many highs and lows.  In August of 2015 I decided to fully commit to living a healthy lifestyle and it was the best decision I have ever made.  My goal is to never go back to old habits and to always work for my health and fitness and the health and fitness of my family.

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