Day 16/21… all about kids!

Today was literally a day all about my kids. We were finally able to get them registered for their new school. I am so excited for these two! They have had a lot of changes thrown at them over the past few months and now facing the school year at a new school they are approaching it with anxious excitement!

After leaving the school we headed out to check off the last of the before school essentials!

School supplies ✔️

School supplies in back packs ✔️

This momma is grateful the list was a quarter of what it was in HI!

So then after being gone most of the day all I wanted to do was sit on my bum on the couch. I was so wanting to read my book. Not going to lie, that was exactly my plan too. Then My girl gave me a push. She was so sweet and said “Mom, remember your goals, you will be happier if you do your workout!” And she was right of course!

I love that she held me accountable and encouraged me! I hope that my example stays with her when she is the mom and that she takes care of herself and lives healthy always!!

Raccoon eyes, dripping sweat, but smiling with my girl when all done! As always this is me, living my best life and beyond blessed!!


Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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