Day 15/21

Spaghetti squash… So yummy! I don’t think I will ever eat noodles with my spaghetti again! I lightly brushed it with coconut oil and baked it. I could eat it right like this but with my sauce and meatballs it was super delicious.

I went for a jog this evening. Drove to post, got lost, and ran into more than a few dead ends!

I wish I had been on candid camera as a deer ran across my path about a yard or so away from me! I about wet myself. Recovered. Then was angry I hadn’t had my phone ready to snap a pic! Like I knew it would happen but still I was frustrated. I think a go pro is on my Christmas wish list!!!

Red faced and smiling on my way back home.

As Monday comes to an end my week is off to a great start!


Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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