Day 1/21

I love this quote! It is the biggest truth I have always wanted to deny but can't!!

Today's workout tank is oh so tight and I would normally try to hide my tummy rolls. In the past I haven't been likely to show exactly how tight my shirt has gotten but the truth is we all live life and poop happens. I spent May, June, and half of July NOT working out and eating anything I wished!

Some would say but where you happy? Did you enjoy it? Well my answer is a definitive NO, I was miserable!!! I have now exercised 7 days in a row and followed my fix meals (minus one piece of Kyle's birthday cake Saturday) and I can guarantee I feel so much better. I am Happier and I have so much more energy!! The decision to workout or not is one that effects my life every area such as mood, spirit, relationships, food choices, and more.

Today, August 7th, 2017 is another new beginning, day 1/21 on a new round of "The 21 Day Fix" and I am more committed and determined than ever. I have re-set my course and I am going to work hard all while rocking my tight clothes for the next 21 days! I refuse to buy a single bigger clothing item because my health is more important than my vanity!

My very first round began 2 years ago on the 20th of this month. I am happy to say that I am still 20 lbs lighter than I was then but I feel like I did that day as in I desire to feel good in my own skin and to love my body and myself!

This photo was two years ago today when my hubs and I went on an awesome hike just before making the choice to try Beach Body products.

Life is a journey and I have more ups and downs than I like to admit! I get lazy and love sugar! Here is to always working to be better today than yesterday and even better tomorrow!!


Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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