Myth Busted

Anyone else have to learn things more than one time?  Sadly I do.  I don’t know why I can’t get it together the first time.  It is one of my frustrations, I shake my head at myself and want to scream “oh duh idiot”! 

Currently this is happening in my re-realization that I have to eat to be healthy and lose weight.  It isn’t just about not eating bad foods but more importantly is to be eating enough of the good foods.  All my life I have believed that if I wanted to be skinny I needed to eat less.  While following the fix I actually realized that one of my biggest mistakes was not eating enough food in any given day.  Now, know that in no way am I saying I didn’t eat, I did eat, just all the wrong foods and wrong portions in every way possible.

The first few weeks on the fix I truly struggled to eat all of my “containers” each day.  I would tell Phil I just wasn’t hungry and he said I don’t care eat it anyways.  (His unemotional reaction that came from his unconditional love for me.)  After a while I was scared it wasn’t enough food as I was getting hungry and counting down the two hours till my next snack. 

Once I figured out the proportions of healthy fats, protein, and whole grains along with the right fruits and veggies my body just became a burning machine and even when I had a cheat my body recovered well. 

Recently I have been skipping meals and missing containers and one of them has been a protein and my metabolism has slowed, I have felt sluggish and struggle to find energy through the day.  Last week I realized this and made it a point to get all my food in even if I didn’t get a workout in.  I have been drinking my shake, eating my three meals, and enjoying at least one additional healthy snack.  I have naturally lost two pounds and I know that is because I am fueling my body so it is able to work properly all day long.  

Myth busted.  If you want to lose weight you must eat!  Eat healthy but EAT!

I have pressed play on my original workouts and it feels good.  This is me and no excuses.  I was reminded by a time hop post from last year that no matter how I feel I must do this for me.


Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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