I am a passionate person.  When I find something I love I dive in head first without looking back.  Then a day comes where I find my passion dimming or at least my commitment to my passion wavers, slows, and seems to disappear.  This has bothered me a lot lately and I am trying to understand it.

Over the years I have wanted to take on different home based business with the idea of making money and helping my family as well as others because of a product I found that I felt passionate about.  I have truly loved the “products” in which I attempted to make money selling, I believed in them, I used them, and many of them I still do.

Attempt number one… candles.  Went to a home party and loved them and was sucked in.  Learned quickly I wasn’t a sales lady at all and hated getting up doing the whole party thing in front of people.

Second was stamping, scrapbooking, and card making.  LOVE!  Still love and still use all my supplies.

Next up was makeup!  Now, this one I really, really went head first, I wanted the money, perks, lifestyle I saw others had from it.  It seemed so great and for many I believe it truly is but not me.  I am not a sales person.

I think that the many people out there that make a go of these business’s are amazing people.  They truly work twice as hard EVERYDAY as I would in a 10 hour nursing shift.  They usually eat, sleep, pray, dream, and breath their business.  I admire these people.  A huge part of me wishes I was more like them because the truth of it is that I do have a passion for many of the products.  From the outside looking in what they are doing amazes me and I think I could do it to.  I probably could it I set my mind to it and was truly passionate enough.  I say this and yet my head screams but I AM passionate about these products!!  I believe whole heartedly in two specific products that I have found in the last two years via Facebook, Young Living Essential Oils and Shakeology from Beachbody.  I wish I could make a business of either of them however I have learned a valuable lesson instead.

I am a nurse, and here is where my deepest passion (outside of my family) lies.  People who need my care and skills for a healthy today and tomorrow.

I can not tell you how many times I have heard a conversation out and thought oh they need essential oils or I bet they could benefit from drinking shakeology.  I want to share with them but there is something that holds me back.  I keep from opening my mouth, I move on knowing I let an opportunity slip by.  I have openly shared a lot on my Facebook page regarding my personal experiences.  I will continue to do so too.  If anyone asks me a question I will open up and share my experiences and knowledge all day long!!  The difference in my passion for these products from the friends making a business is that mine is for me and my family and I can’t convince anyone else to believe in them like I do.   l will not stop using them even when others attempt to tell me the thousands of reasons they have for not using them.  Ok, I don’t have the desire to argue, defend, or partake in these arguments and I am learning that it is ok because show me a person in need of the simplest of medical care and I will be running to help.

In the last month I have helped specifically two people I did not know because nothing could stop me from doing so.

A teen girl at church was bleeding from a fall she had taken the previous day during a sporting event, I over heard her and her friend talking so I got up and walked over. Looking at her knee I immediately knew it was starting to get infected.  I said I am a nurse, can I help you clean your knee and cover it so it doesn’t get worse?  She said yes, someone handed me a first aid kit so I cleaned it all up.  Before leaving church I saw her again, gave her advice on how to care for it at home, and when to get it looked at if by chance it got worse.  I can honestly say she looked at me like I was crazy as well as the others around.  Oh well, I could walk away at peace with myself.

Second time was during my daughters cross country meet when a 5th grade boy passed out while running.  I ran over, watched and listened to the advice and information being given by the others waiting to hear the reason of another health care professional.   Usually there are more than a few of us in a crowd.  Nursing is such a broad career term.  I am not a skilled emergency care provider even though I am blessed to have awesome med/surge experience I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I will take charge when necessary but if someone has it under control I will stay back and offer help only when needed.  Well I was needed.  I immediately did not like what they were saying or doing.  A couple of people were trying to sit him up to drink water and as they did this he started vomiting.  He was overheated and probably dehydrated however it was not helpful to force large amounts of water down him.  Sips of water yes, gatorade even better, cool the kiddo off first and foremost while his breathing slowed and became controlled.  Once EMT services came, I gave them the info I knew and they took over.  I took a deep breath, stepped back,  told the kiddos Mom and Aunt I was sure he was going to be ok now and hugged them both.  They thanked me and I said a prayer for them all.

In both cases I could not walk away no matter how hard I may have tried.  Someone brings up a health issue and I ask questions and give my thoughts without thinking.  My head has formulated a plan of care and action I would take.  I love when my friends message me or call for advice.  I am not a doctor!  I can’t diagnose, prescribe, or any of those things but I believe in my skill set.  I trust my instincts and I know that the love, care, and compassion I have for patients of all kind is real.

I want to be nursing again more than anyone knows.  This isn’t just how I make money, although it is a great perk, but it is the only thing I would honestly spend my life doing for free with the same amount of dedication.  Not everyone can say that about their career choice but I can.  My mom and my hubs know this to be true.  They have heard me frustrated with the system, with people I work with, with patients even but they have also seen the need to be my best for each patient even when I am dreading it I go and give my all.

Todays blog was inspired by a few Facebook friends who are working their butts off for their home based business.  You all inspire me.  I admire you and there is a piece of me that wishes I was more like you.  Part of me is sad that I won’t be making a living in the same way you do.  I wish that I could benefit you and your business more but all I can promise is that I will share my story and experiences with the things I love and use every day.  I will continue to post on Facebook and write blogs.  I will buy the products I love from you and I will recommend you to others.

Currently I am diffusing joy essential oil in my home and have used motivation to get me working on the tasks I need to tackle around the house.  I never study without brain power or go for a run without R.C. on my chest.  When completely overwhelmed I use stress away and I can’t imagine not having it on hand.  Yesterday I made a new face cleanser and excited to share the results in a few days to week.  They little oil bottles are a staple in my life.

I will be drinking my favorite shakeology at some point today because when I don’t I lack energy and feel plain yucky.  Even on days I don’t work out I still drink a shake.  It truly is my healthiest meal of the day packed with dense nutrition and health benefits.  My kids love it as well and I usually have to keep Gig from stealing drinks.  I make “peanut butter cups” and chocolate muffins that both of my kids enjoy as much, if not more, than sugary unhealthy junk.  Mom is winning!! 

Whatever your passion was yesterday, is today, or will be tomorrow give it your all!  Believe in it and yourself and most of all when your passion fades it doesn’t mean it’s gone or that it wasn’t really there in the first place.  It means once again life is happening and changing and you are growing with it!  That is ok!  More than ok, it is good and beautiful!  Get up everyday with a passion, any passion that leads you to give life your best always!  


Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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