Life happening…

Since my last blog post life has been happening and every day I think of writing but nothing has been on my heart to share.  Many little things make up this evenings post.  I pray it comes together and makes sense and even resonates with some of you in one way or another.

I am super proud of myself this past week because I have successfully gotten my self up out of bed 0515 on school/work days and pressed play on my workout videos before getting the kiddos to school – #Winning  – it feels so good to be sore and as I knew it would my food follows and is on track because I always have a better frame of mind after exercise.

The weekend was productive as we waited to see what the hurricane watch weather was going to do, it ended up being muggy and more muggy.  I got in a great jog in Saturday morning followed by a total clearing out of my “catch-all” closet, desk area, and drawers.   I love having my surroundings organized!  I smile when I sit down at my desk or open the closet to get something!  These little things make a big difference in how I function daily.  

Sunday I escaped for a little while to decompress from Mom life while my Pillip (this is not a typo, that is my name for my hubs) dealt with his very cranky daughter because I couldn’t take the attitude anymore.  Who knew a nine-year old girl could be so cute, so sweet, so funny and yet so down right ridiculously bratty and emotional!  Not looking forward to the teen years at all.  Anyways, I did a little retail therapy with a gift card for TJ Max and instead of buying something for my home or my kids I got myself a new pair of sunglasses and a tank top.  I am still shocked when I try on clothes and I get to buy mediums, even with a little back tracking this summer I am still winning!

Monday was a beach day and I enjoyed every second of sun I could get.  It was heavenly and warm and perfect.

Today is Tuesday but it so felt like a Monday.  Pillip back to work, kids back to school, me back to my routine and trying to decide what comes next.  Everyday I get closer to finishing up my classes for my ASN and although it is just a stepping stone towards my ultimate goals in nursing I am going to be finding myself with more time to tackle the next chapter of my adventure.  I have been applying for positions with the clinics on post and today I received a call and I have an interview.  This is the position I have prayed for.  It has the benefits and schedule that accommodates my family at this stage and I know I would be an awesome asset to their team.  I am beyond excited to get back to work and yet at the same time I start to worry about how I will find time for all the things I do now such as my workouts and my school work.  But for the first time in my life I honestly believe I can do it all and be successful and I believe that because my kids believe in me and support me.  When I picked them both up from school and told them about my interview they were excited and happy for me and both of them said “Mom the job is yours, they would be crazy not to hire you!”  How can you not give it your all with little supporters like that!  I am extra proud of this because there was a time when they would have both been in tears begging me not to work but they are growing up and they are believing in themselves and in me!  I love the unconditional love God gave them for me and I love them more everyday if that is even possible.

My Kyle is really “coming into his own” as my friend has said several times over the past month and it really warms my heart to see all that he is doing and able to do.  His self-confidence has increased and he works so hard.  Well most of the time.  Kyle is not my athletic kid, he leaves that to his sis and prides himself on being a computer nerd.  Well through my journey of fat to fit I have really tried to encourage them to be active and find “their thing” they enjoy.  Georgia loves it all as she has been involved in cross county at school for two years now, she played volleyball last spring, and is going to be cheerleading this fall.  Easy as pie to keep that child moving.  Well my Kyle bug is a whole other story… he tried wrestling last spring and it lasted only a few weeks and the fight was more than I could handle to get him to practice on top of all the other fights we were tackling.  So then we tried swim and this was better but he still hated going and when school started back again in August it again became a fight because it did not allow any down time between school and swim and he does not transition from the one to the other well.  At this point he had a decision to make because the expectation is that he will be physically active in some sort of “exercise” at least 3 times per week.  He decided he wanted to go running.  I literally rolled my eyes as in my head I am sure this is going to be a fight as well and it plays over and over again like a bad movie on repeat.  I honestly dreaded every bit of the idea because I am the elected parent, by him, to help him tackle this adventure in the evenings.  So with new running shoes like Dad’s, let the adventure begin…


He did so amazing.  Georgia, Kyle, and myself set out and we clocked 2.25 miles.  Kyle ran the full first mile without stopping and walked a couple of minutes then back to it.  We finished it with a sprint race to the house in different directions and the kids beat me!!  I am more than ok with that and I am proud of my boy and his dedication to trying to be fit.  I know there are going to be days he doesn’t want to because there are more days than not that I don’t want to but I pray he finds the joy in it and the rewarding feelings after that sparks motivation for the next time.  Family goal decided on tonight is to find a color run to all do together!

I pray that my kids live amazing lives.  Ones that are healthy, active, and unstoppable.  I will continue to lead by example in education, fitness, faith, love and hard work!  Work for what you want, give it your all and success will come!!






Hello. Welcome. Come on in and join me on my journey as I go from the token fat girl to the ever developing token fit woman. I am "just" a wife and mom who loves Jesus and struggles daily to find the balance we all desire throughout life. I depend on His word for guidance, I fuel my self with healthy foods, and I depend on regular fitness for strength so that I may grow towards the better version of myself each and every day.

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