“Transformation” Tuesday!

So after 21 days my transformation is less visible but I definitely feel better, stronger, and have more energy each day! Here are my before and after photos.

Top photos were taken August 2nd and the bottom ones are today! I can see more muscle definition in my arms so that is one win!


Down 5.25 inches from head to toe! That is progress for sure and win #2! I am focusing on this and not the scale. I get so stuck on the number, good or bad, it is a mental battle I have yet to conquer.

So I took a day of rest yesterday and enjoyed being creative with projects around the house. I finally finished up my dining room wall. These are either repurposed items I had in Hawaii or from the dollar store! I changed them up for my new home in NY and I love how it is coming together!

Now it’s time to get my workout done for this Tuesday. I might not be here posting everyday as I have been. However, I plan to keep checking in regularly and sharing this never ending journey of mine for a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

The weekend… Day 20 and 21/21!!

My Saturday was a slow and easy day around the house.

I did my dirty 30 workout video followed by 25 minutes on our Elliptical!

Sweaty and smiling is always a great way to start the weekend!

I did some painting for the kitchen island we have been slowly working on and I can’t wait to have it complete.

My favorite part of the day was laying out in the front yard (bundled up) in the sun reading while the kids played. High 60’s and I am already dreading it getting any colder!

Seriously though my view is gorgeous!

My boy came for some snuggles and of course that means we take a selfie because life is good here on our little pre-farm, farm! Hehehe

So now it is Sunday as I actually post this and I am ready to make it a great day as it is 21 of 21!

I am proud of the work I put in over the past 21 days, both in my workouts and in the kitchen! Tomorrow is Monday and either day 22 or the beginning of a prep week for another round. Whichever way you look at it tomorrow is just another day to live my best and healthiest life and that is what I plan to do!!

I will share today’s workout and my results from this round tomorrow!!

We are headed to church in a little bit and I plan to live my family and enjoy all my blessings! I hope everyone reading this does too!!

Day 19/21… no pressure just run

Living on Oahu I seriously found my love of running. Slow and steady, I never plan to be winning with my pace but it is seriously so therapeutic to me. I think most runners could and would agree with that in their own way. Since leaving the island I have ran 3 times. Well make it 4 now including today. If I am honest with myself, and you, I haven’t been running because I have had a bad attitude about it here in NY, after three years on Oahu, I made excuses not to run HERE. Too cold, bad roads, have to drive to a trail, it just isn’t running if it isn’t in HI! Yep, those have seriously been my reasons. Then those three times is did attempt to jog it out sucked! Of course my pace and endurance have seriously suffered because of my lack of consistency and then I am mad at myself for not doing better!

So today, on day 19 of my restarted journey towards the healthiest version of myself I decided to just walk out my front door and go. I put my headphones on, played “Soul on Fire” by Third Day, and praised God for the many blessings I have in my life. I was running and praying, praying, running and talking out life with God.

My friend and fellow runner, Pete Mayes, started a group page on Facebook for running and included me in it. Inspire Running, It is a great title! I see all he is doing and I read the articles he posts and I feel inspired but what I end up doing is pouting that I am not running in Hawaii, repeating all the above mentioned excuses. Such a bad attitude to carry.

So my ahh ha moment came about 1/4 mile into my jog, as I was approaching my first hill my praying was interrupted because I honestly wanted to stop and turn back. My head had started screaming “This sucks” and “I suck” but as quickly as those thoughts came, they left! God gave me Pete’s mantra to hold onto and I repeated it often and regularly through the rest of my run #nopressurejustrun!

At that moment I let go of all my self inflicted expectations. I stopped pacing myself. I started to really look around, not just at the road and I found my therapeutic groove I was missing! I stopped to take pics and I enjoyed every bit of this beautiful country I am now living in! 3.6 miles of pure joy was my reward and as I rounded the corner back to our home I was grateful for this life God has given me! Thankful for our time on Oahu and now thankful for this new adventure He has me on! I don’t want to be anywhere else but right here with my husband and kids living my best and healthiest life possible!!

Thank you again Pete for being an inspiration and encouragement!! I am so blessed by you and your family!

#nopressurejustrun #noexcuses #AliP2017 #makeNYhome

Day 18/21 update

Alright, I already established earlier I was wanting sweets. Well Gig girl made chocolate chip cookies yesterday (my all time favorite thing) but I didn’t have one and I have been wanting to go eat one all day!! Instead I got out my Fixate cook book and looked at the yummy healthy desert recipes. Found this one and decided to try it…

Holy cow bat man… I am in heaven! So delicious and completely satisfied my sweet tooth without the sugar!

I ate one as soon as they were ready!

I don’t have a whey protein on hand, just my Shakeology as always. I also didn’t have vanilla so I used my Cafe Latte flavor. These bars are like a coffee/mocha flavored brownie! My drizzle didn’t drizzle as I would have liked so I used my silicone basting brush to spread it. More chocolate ended up stuck in the brush than on the bars but what did spread around is just perfect!

I am smiling as I thoroughly enjoyed an awesome treat knowing it isn’t holding me back from making progress today!!


Day 17/21 and 18/21…

Still here. Still working towards my goals but other things have preoccupied my thoughts. I can almost guarantee a post will come soon explaining myself better but for now I am keeping on keeping on!

It’s Thursday and I am headed in to the last few days of my challenge group. Day 21 is coming quickly. I feel really good about the work I have put in this month and the healthy choices I have re-instated in the kitchen daily.

I have to admit I am frustrated and craving chocolate as (sorry TMI) my monthly “friend” has come to visit. Seriously why the last weekend of my challenge? This is not when I want to crave food and be bloated!!! Aggravating to say the least. Anyways, for this reason my bed welcomed me before 9pm last night and I didn’t crawl back out until 8:30 am. I realized this morning that either A) I am just lazy or B) worn down and needed the extra sleep. I am guessing it is honestly a mix of the two! Hahaha

So even though I am feeling blah and out of sorts I am not giving up on my goals and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and be more engaged and excited in my progress!

Pics today are of yesterday’s lunch and my post workout selfie! Making healthy choices regardless of how I feel!

Day 16/21… all about kids!

Today was literally a day all about my kids. We were finally able to get them registered for their new school. I am so excited for these two! They have had a lot of changes thrown at them over the past few months and now facing the school year at a new school they are approaching it with anxious excitement!

After leaving the school we headed out to check off the last of the before school essentials!

School supplies ✔️

School supplies in back packs ✔️

This momma is grateful the list was a quarter of what it was in HI!

So then after being gone most of the day all I wanted to do was sit on my bum on the couch. I was so wanting to read my book. Not going to lie, that was exactly my plan too. Then My girl gave me a push. She was so sweet and said “Mom, remember your goals, you will be happier if you do your workout!” And she was right of course!

I love that she held me accountable and encouraged me! I hope that my example stays with her when she is the mom and that she takes care of herself and lives healthy always!!

Raccoon eyes, dripping sweat, but smiling with my girl when all done! As always this is me, living my best life and beyond blessed!!

Day 15/21

Spaghetti squash… So yummy! I don’t think I will ever eat noodles with my spaghetti again! I lightly brushed it with coconut oil and baked it. I could eat it right like this but with my sauce and meatballs it was super delicious.

I went for a jog this evening. Drove to post, got lost, and ran into more than a few dead ends!

I wish I had been on candid camera as a deer ran across my path about a yard or so away from me! I about wet myself. Recovered. Then was angry I hadn’t had my phone ready to snap a pic! Like I knew it would happen but still I was frustrated. I think a go pro is on my Christmas wish list!!!

Red faced and smiling on my way back home.

As Monday comes to an end my week is off to a great start!